The Renix Story

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This past September Christine Haas, Renix Inc.’s founder and President, introduced their transformative liquid separation technology to Ag industry leaders and investors at the 2017 Ag Innovation Showcase held in St. Louis, Missouri – one of only a handful of companies selected to show off their innovative work at this annual event.

It was in 2011 however when SWO Angels members completed their first investment in this new clean technology firm that can take one industry’s waste and turn it into another’s benefit. Renix was founded by Christine to commercialize a unique purification process developed in the Chemical Engineering department at Western University.

RenixUIXTM is the world’s only steady-state uninterrupted ion exchange system – a process that can purify products across many manufacturing sectors. Current applications of UIX technology include food and beverage manufacturing and industrial water treatment, with future applications ranging from treating mining tailing ponds, to collecting phosphorus which causes devastating algae blooms in regional waterways. In many instances the products captured, such as phosphorous for fertilizers, can be repurposed and used as inputs into other processes supporting the emerging circular economy.

The unique UIX process has demonstrated results that include significant reduction in the use of chemicals and water, less waste, and a much smaller footprint than other ion exchange technologies. The end result for food and beverage processors is up to a 50 per cent reduction in associated operating costs, and a more environmentally responsible process.

The first SWO Angels’ investment in 2011 was one third of a significant round of funding that also included the Sustainable Chemistry Alliance and Ontario Centres of Excellence. In 2016, with additional investment from SWO Angels members, Renix kept its headquarters local and was able to get ready to commercialize across international markets.

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