SWO Angels Investor Meeting Summary

Man holding calculator while looking at financial data

Yesterday morning, 21 people were in attendance for two presentations of investment opportunities, our last Investor meeting for 2017.

The first was from SmartTones Media, which was founded with one goal in mind – connecting broadcast media to mobile. They believe advertising should excite audiences and this happens when you combine context with precision targeting. Breaking down the old one directional, non-responsive broadcast model creates a new dynamic way of interacting with audiences. With SmartTones, advertisers and content creators can reach audiences through their mobile devices used as a second screen when watching TV.


Then Petal Inc. introduced cülie, their freezer/waste bin hybrid. Aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient, the cülie is designed to freeze organic kitchen waste, eliminating smells, pests, mold, and garbage juice associated with green bin waste, stinky diapers, and pet waste. They have a Joint Venture agreement with Danby Products Limited, the leading small appliance manufacturer in North America that includes partnering to manufacture the cülie. Danby’s CEO, Jim Estill, is a past member of SWO Angels.


Following each presentation was a vibrant Q&A session with the entrepreneurs and enthusiastic engagement by attendees. Included in the attendance were two guests of existing members at their first meeting to learn more about the SWO Angels investment process. We also had two investors from sister angel groups in Kitchener and York (Toronto).

Our meeting finished with a presentation from Charlie Johnson on the Bluewater Technology Access Centre at Lambton College in Sarnia and its offerings. This year the Centre assisted one of SWO Angels’ investment companies, TopSpin360, in making early mould prototypes for their measurement device used in training for concussion prevention.

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