Business Description
Arbutus Medical Arbutus Medical Arbutus Medical makes surgery safer for everyone by developing and delivering
affordable, user-centered devices.

We’re driven to make surgery safer in low-resource settings by addressing real clinical needs with affordable, world-class medical technology.

Led by a team of engineers, clinicians, and experienced social entrepreneurs, Arbutus Medical aims to become the leading provider of surgical technology across the developing world.

Aterica Digital Health Aterica Digital Health is a consumer-focused digital health company that develops health measurement, monitoring, and diagnostic products to enable individuals and families to actively manage their health on their own terms. Aterica’s flagship product is the Veta™ which connects loved ones and caregivers to people living with life-threatening allergies, resulting in increased freedom, security and confidence for everyone involved. The Veta system includes:

Veta smart case, which holds your EpiPen®
Veta app, running on iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch® and Android™ mobile devices, connecting to your support networks through the cloud.

BigRoad BigRoad was created to provide the transportation industry an innovative application to simplify life for thousands of individuals and businesses. We are the #1 Android electronic driver log platform on Google Play. We set out to collaborate with drivers and fleet operators to build the best fleet management platform using today’s technologies-and we are the overwhelming choice of drivers and fleets using smart phones in their daily operations.
BioGen A Canadian company developing and commercializing a revolutionary new electricity generation technology developed at Western University. The patented BioGenerator system generates electrical power from hydrogen, and represents the first commercially-viable biological technology for electricity generation.
BioSensiveColour Biosensive Technologies Inc. is disrupting wearable technology market by introducing world’s first smart earring “Ear-O-Smart”. Ear-O-Smart integrates both fashion and technology to monitor heart rate, activity tracker, and calories burned with superior accuracy, comfort, and style. Ear-O-Smart is the first solution designed specifically for women to monitor heart rate, calories burned, and activity data from morning to night taking into consideration the aesthetic design of the earrings, the wearability (comfort) of the product, and the accuracy (quality of contact and positioning) of the product.
ClearPath Clearpath Robotics – Kitchener Ontario, a global leader in unmanned vehicle robotics for research and development, is dedicated to automating the world’s dullest, dirtiest, and deadliest jobs. The Company serves robotics leaders in over 30 countries worldwide in academic, corporate, industrial, and military environments. Recognizing the value of future innovation, Clearpath Robotics established Partnerbot, a grant program to support university robotics research teams, internationally. Clearpath Robotics provides robust robotic vehicles and autonomous solutions that are engineered for performance, designed for customization, and built for open source.
Demure Demeure is pursuing the most valuable consumer in the market: the homeowner who travels. With our patent pending platform, we’ve got the $100 billion market in our sights! Our Marketplace has been designed as a sharing economy community. This is the only place property owners need to go for premium guests and their own travel…and because they do, it makes it the best place for travelers to tap into the best deals on the web.
expertfile Expertfile is the leading provider of content marketing software used by organizations to manage their experts and thought leaders. Marketing departments and agencies use our platform to publish, promote and measure their expert content to engage business prospects, media and conference organizers. We help organizations deliver increased market visibility, create better first impressions, and generate new business. Our clients include market leaders such as Deloitte, KPMG, The Conference Board, Constant Contact, Dentons Law, Cleveland Clinic, Canadian Corporate Counsel Association, and Kelly Services.
fiix_logo FIIX is a leading provider of cloud-based EAM/CMMS solutions to businesses of all size all over the world and in 10 languages. Over 20,000 businesses and individual users worldwide have already experienced how FIIX CMMS efficiently handles corrective, preventive, condition-based and scheduled maintenance for equipment and assets. It solves the challenges of securely capturing, accessing, sharing and backing up critical maintenance data and know-how. FIIX CMMS is a full-featured maintenance management package that reduces the total cost of ownership of equipment assets and facilities, and increases productivity through its simple and innovative tool-set. Our solution is portable and is available from any internet-enabled computing device – from desktops to tablets to smart phones.
FreePoint Technologies has developed a suite of low cost, patent pending products and services that collect, measure store, analyze and report manufacturing plant performance data on a machine by machine basis in real time. FreePoint presents timely, actionable information to relevant plant personnel which results in immediate asset and productivity performance. A Freepoint implementation is fast, seamless and complements existing plant floor IT infrastructure. FreePoint solutions are highly scalable and flexible with subscription offerings that address the needs of small and large scale manufacturers.
Innovation Works Innovation Works London is a hotbed for social innovation and we are ready to unleash a collaborative workspace to harness that momentum.

Imagine a place where dynamic change-makers can bring the beat back into the very heart of London – that’s what Innovation Works is all about.

Innovation Works is a collaborative community filled with socially minded innovators dedicated to positively transforming our community. Located at 201 King Street, it is a 32,000 square foot building in central Downtown with endless possibilities.

Innovation Works is the only place in London that is intentionally designed to encourage social innovation.​

KFL Investment Management KFL Investment Management Inc. employs pattern analysis and machine intelligence technologies to find important patterns in financial data that are too subtle for others to find but non-random enough to be profitable.
Magor Magor develops and markets visual collaboration software for a world that increasingly rewards those who can bring together the right people and information at the right time. Magor builds strategic partnerships with communication service providers and vertical solutions integrators to deliver private and public cloud services globally.
Primary-L My Digital Shield (MDS) is focused on bringing the best of high-end enterprise security to the small businesses at a very affordable price. MDS removes the complexity of Fortune 500 security systems with its patented simple configuration engine that learns and automatically configures and tunes industry leading Unified Threat Management security components based on a simple profile. All the inspection and intelligence is being performed in the cloud, removing the bottleneck of traditional premise based security products. Simplicity, performance, and affordable monthly subscription, MDS allows any business to be just as secure as the big companies.
Plum‘s SaaS hiring solution is Moneyball for hiring. The traditional hiring process is incredibly biased and inaccurate at predicting success with 89% of failed hires being due to attitude, not skill. Before the resume, Plum’s cutting-edge behavioral science quantifies a job candidate’s attitude at the very beginning of the hiring process. Employers are able to quickly and affordable focus on the top 5%-10% of their applicant pool that are the best fit for their unique role and company culture. Plum has over 70 paying employers (15% are annual licenses with 99% renewal rate) with 1,200 new hires and 25,000 job seekers through their platform.
race-roster Race Roster: It all started with a phone call. Our Founders were busy organizing a local road race for their community and grew frustrated with the lack of choice and customization on their online event page. When they decided to build a better solution Race Roster was born. Our passionate team is dedicated to building software that empowers a community to gather, move and fundraise. Endurance events transform lives and we want to transform the way they are organized.
Renix A Canadian company based in London, Ontario, Renix has developed new technology to purify many of the materials we use every day, from the food we eat and the beverages we drink, to the water we release into our environment. Renix is commercializing the world’s first steady-state ion exchange system: Uninterrupted Ion Exchange (UIX). The Renix UIX technology is used for separation and purification processes in industries such as food and beverage, industrial water treatment, mining, bio-agriculture and biofuels, and other specialty chemicals. See Renix’s UIX System explained in this short animation sequence.
scisense Our Scisense brand of products includes pressure sensors, pressure-volume catheters and hardware designed to measure vessel and chamber pressure, ventricular pressure and blood volume, and cardiac biopotentials
Sensory Tech Logo Sensory Technologies is a privately held Canadian corporation that, since 2010, has created and delivered a new clinical service model that treats and manages high acuity patients outside of the hospital, resulting in lowered costs, increased capacity, and improved patient care. With development, sales, and support offices located in London, Toronto, Eastern Europe, Philadelphia, and offices opening in the UK and France to support new customers, Sensory Technologies is ideally positioned to support private and government clients in regions of need. Through our SaaS-based service delivery model called eShift, Sensory Technologies drives excellence in complex-care pediatrics, hospice/palliative care, and chronic illness management using hybrid virtual care teams.

Textbooks for Change (“T4C”) is a for-profit social enterprise and top-rated B Corp that collects and repurposes used textbooks. We improve the educational landscape for students around the world, while earning an attractive return for our shareholders. 50% of collected textbooks are donated to partner African universities, 20% are resold online to local students at affordable prices (providing the revenue to fund our operations) and the 30% remaining (unusable) books are recycled efficiently.
vanrx State of the Art Sterile Filling . Vanrx’s line of aseptic filling workcells use innovative technology to meet the requirements of your pharmaceutical products. Our systems deliver the highest level of aseptic assurance in the industry.