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See Renix’s UIX System explained in this short animation sequence.

Renix, based in London Ontario, was spun out from The University of Western Ontario 5 years ago. Renix has developed new technology to purify many of the materials we use every day, from the food we eat and the beverages we drink, to the water we release into our environment. Renix is commercializing the world’s first steady-state ion exchange system: Uninterrupted Ion Exchange (UIX). The Renix UIX technology is used for separation and purification processes in industries such as food and beverage, industrial water treatment, mining, bio-agriculture and biofuels, and other specialty chemicals.

The unique UIX process has demonstrated results that include significant reduction in the use of chemicals and water, less waste, and a much smaller footprint than other ion exchange technologies. The end result for industrial IX processors is up to a 50 per cent reduction in associated operating costs, and a more environmentally responsible process.

Renix has received significant support from the Southwestern Ontario Angel Group (SWOAG) supporting retention of high tech companies in the southwestern Ontario region Additional organizations have provided support, including, Bioindustrial Innovation Canada and the Sustainable Chemistry Alliance, Ontario Centres of Excellence, National Research Council – IRAP, Western University, WORLDiscoveries, Western Research Park, TechAlliance of Southwestern Ontario, Avro Pattern Inc. and Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium.

With a significant market for this technology across the globe, the investments SWOAG members have put forth have allowed Renix to remain in London.

“SWOAG members were instrumental in our first seed funding round. They came on board with other investors and have been vital to our growth,“ said Christine Haas, President and Founder, Renix. “It’s valuable for our regional economy if we can continue to build industrial companies in Ontario and ensure that they remain here.”

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