London’s tech firms generate lots of buzz with their flashy games and apps

Video games and nifty apps, yes.

But London’s growing tech sector also is putting muscle into the region’s all-important manufacturing base, an industry that tech often seems to overshadow with headlines about the latest gadgets.

Far from displacing manufacturing, tech is coming to its rescue.

London is the home of unique partnerships between manufacturers and small tech firms that help manufacturers become smarter, more efficient and more competitive, said Jason Bates of the London Region Manufacturing Council.

New digital marketing companies and video game companies often get the limelight, but London has a cluster of tech companies whose focus is supporting and revamping the traditional manufacturing base that still underlies the local economy, he said.

“The media love the tech sector but manufacturing still pay the bills,” Bates said.

Tech firms can provide the instant data that manufacturers need, presented on the shop floors in a style designed to appeal to a new millennial workforce that manage their personal lives with a smartphone, he said.

“Manufacturers who don’t embrace this get left behind.”

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Posted by swo_angels_admin on April 21, 2017

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